How do I sign up To Donate?

You can sign up to donate to the ILO Fund here.

How Will I know Which Charities Are Featured?

Once you sign up, you will get an email on Wednesdays featuring the week's new charity and thanking you for being awesome.

How do you select charities to feature?

In Lieu Of features nonprofits that work to strengthen the Bay Area community. We feature nonprofits that tackle issues in the following areas: Arts & Culture, Education, Economic Development, Health, Human Rights, Animal Rights, and Environment.

Selected charities must

  • Be located in or serve the Bay Area community
  • Address the root cause of a problem and pursue a long-lasting solution
  • Have a measurable impact

How often do you feature new Charities?

We feature one new charity four times each month. You will get an email on the 1st - 4th Wednesday of each month.

    Why do You Charge Monthly?

    Donors are charged monthly to keep processing fees as low as possible. Each month, we collect the donations and send them to the month's featured nonprofits.

    What If I Want to GIvE More than $5?

    When you sign up you can choose the amount you want to donate each week.

    How Much Of My Donation GoeS to Charity?

    95% of your donation goes to charity. The other 5% covers credit card processing fees.

    Does ILO Take A Portion of my Donation?

    Nope. Only the credit card processing fees are taken out of your donation. ILO covers the cost of running the site so that charities get the largest donation possible.

    Can I have proof?

    Sure! ILO is completely transparent and you can find everything online in ILO's Transparency Folder.

    Are donations to ILO tax deductible?

    Not at this time. ILO is looking into becoming an incorporated nonprofit, but the process is lengthy and comes at considerable cost. The priority is getting off the ground, being nimble, and putting as much money in the hands of great nonprofits as possible.

    Only 30.1% of people itemize their taxes in the U.S. This means offering a deduction wouldn't make a difference for the vast majority of people.

    Can I recommend Charities to Feature?

    Of course! Please send any recommendations to

    How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

    Sorry to see you go, but you can cancel your subscription anytime using your email and this link.