About ILO

In Lieu Of started as a personal journey to take action and learn more about Bay Area nonprofits. Now it is an ever growing community of people making a difference each week.

ILO aims to make charitable giving and discovery as simple as possible. Together, we are showing the world that even small sacrifices (like donating $5 In Lieu Of buying that oh-so-delicious drip coffee) add up to make a huge difference.

How does ILO work?

Each week ILO members donate $5 to the week's featured charity. For the cost of one cup of coffee, you can put good karma on autopilot. 

Our weekly email will tell you about the nonprofit we are supporting together. It will also include a link to a corresponding blog post for a more personal look at the featured nonprofit.


Raise funds for Bay Area charities and bring awareness to important issues in our community.