Hi! I'm Sam. I recently moved up to the Bay Area from sunny Santa Barbara (no one told me it rained so much here). I count myself as extremely fortunate to have a great job that pays the absurdly high rent in San Francisco. No small feat!

While I am completely taken with the Bay Area for its energy, beauty, and culture, it's far from perfect. Amidst all of the big ideas and idyllic vistas there are people sleeping on the street, mental health issues going unaddressed, and wage gaps widening. There are art projects left unfunded, puppies without homes, and an ocean filling with plastic. The list of reasons we need to help is endless!

A couple months back, I started exploring how to make a positive impact. Volunteering with any consistency is hard with my work schedule. Large donations aren't in my budget. But I needed to do something! 

I have decided to donate $5 to a new charity each week. I created ILO to hold me accountable and to invite others to join in the fun.

But donating is only part of the story. ILO is a personal journey of self-exploration through the lens of philanthropy. Each week, I'll be researching, interviewing and volunteering my way through the philanthropic world. You can follow along via the blog.

I'm on this journey to learn and make a difference. I hope that you will join me.

- Sam Buck